Joyce Theater

Interview with Liz Gerring

Conducted and excerpted by Laura Diffenderfer

Where did you start with Horizon?  

The idea was to see how many different things could happen at once—but without descending into chaos. When I made this piece, the company was going through some changes and I was going through some personal things, so I was sort of looking towards the horizon. Not just seeking answers, but asking: Where am I going and where I am heading? There’s stillness and calmness out there in the future or unknown. I think that is what Horizon is to me.

I experience your work as being meditative. Does it feel that way to you?

Five Things About the Rebellious Maguy Marin

By Nicole Birmann Bloom

1. Maguy Marin started as a ballet dancer

After 10 years of training in ballet, Marin began studying at MUDRA, Maurice Béjart's famous multidisciplinary school in Brussels (1970-1988). She then joined his company, Le Ballet du XXème siècle, and toured. After working briefly in theater, she decided to go on her own, and created Le Ballet Theatre de l’Arche; she emerged in the late 1970s as part of the French new wave dance scene.

2. She incorporates elements of theater in her work

Right away, she stood apart from the other choreographers of that period for her strong dance theater aesthetics integrating the use of the voice, objects, sound, and music.

3. Compagnie Maguy Marin is an ensemble of collaborators